Quantum Physics News

Lattice Distortion of Perovskite Quantum Dots Induces Coherent Quantum Beating

Coherent Quantum Beating Induced by Lattice Distortion of Perovskite Quantum Dots

Scientists just reported the utilization of lattice distortion in lead halide perovskite quantum dots to control their exciton fine structure. The researchers were led by…

Quantum Sensor Images Cardiac Currents at Millimeter Resolution

Diamond Quantum Sensor Measures Currents in the Heart at Millimeter Resolution

Many heart problems, including tachycardia and fibrillation, mainly originate from imperfections in the way electric currents propagate through the heart. Unfortunately, it is difficult for…

Andreev Reflection

Atomic-Scale Window Into Superconductivity Paves Way for Advanced New Quantum Materials

New technique helps researchers understand unconventional superconductors. One of nature’s most fascinating quantum phenomena is superconductivity. When a superconducting material is cooled below its critical…